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“Surviving Genocide: the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi” by by Susan Viguers and Lily Yeh (2017), For purchase contact: Susan Viguers/Shandy Press [email protected].

Barefoot ArtistsPRE ORDER “Art-Making with Refugees and Survivors: Creative and Transformative Responses to Trauma After Natural Disasters, War and Other Crises”by Sally Adnams Jones (Author),‎ and Contributors Lily Yeh,‎ Dr Carol Hofmeyr,Max Levi Freider,‎ Paul Hogan,  Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2018 | Pre Order this book using Amazon Smile here.

Barefoot Artist與藝術療癒化力,” (The Power of Beauty and Art in Healing and Transformation), Proceedings of the 2014 International Symposium for Transdisciplinarity on Individual and Social Transformation, published by Luminary Research Institue, Gaya Foundation in Taiwan 2014

Barefoot ArtistThe Rwanda Healing Project,” The Harvard Advocate, winter issue 2013

The Barefoot Angel” (the angel with no shoes), Zhu-Shu Jian (簡竹書), Weekly Magazine, Taiwan (2012).

To Life! Eco Art in Pursuit of a Sustainable Planet, Linda Weintraub, Section on Lily Yeh, University of California Press (2012)

“Awakening Creativity: Dandelion School Blossoms”, by Lily Yeh, published by New Village Press in Oakland, CA, 2011 | Shop for this book using Amazon Smile here.

“Dream of a Nation: A Vision for a Better America“, “Painting Hope in the World,” by Lily Yeh, edited by Tyson Miller, designed by Kelly Spitzner, 2011

Creativity Blossoms in the Great Migration,” by Lily Yeh YES! Online Magazine, November 2011

“Moonrise: The Power Of Women Leading From The Heart”, edited by Nina Simon, Chapter about The Village, “How Art Can Heal Broken Places,” 2011

Shout Out, Women of Color Respond to Violence”, edited by Maria Ochoa & Barbara K. Ige, “My Story” by Lily Yeh, 2007

DESIGNER/builder, “Barefoot Artists: Healing the World, One Artist at a Time” By Lily Yeh, November/December 2006

Humanistic Educational Journal, “Community Building Through Art and Youth Participation” by Lily Yeh, 11, Taiwan, 2005

Shared Prosperity, a planning document for the development of 100 blocks in inner city North Philadelphia, “Introduction,” by Lily Yeh, 2005

Taipei on the Move, Spice up the City with Art, conference catalogue, “My Story” by Lily Yeh, 2004


The Other Side, Strength for Journey, “A Luminous Place” by Lily Yeh, July/August 2004

North Philadelphia Green Corridor Initiative, The Village Press, 2003

Grantmakers in the Arts Conference, “Cultivating Smart Growth through Art and Greening,” Transcript from Keynote Address by Lily Yeh, 2002

Unimaginable Isolation: Stories From Graterford Prison, “Introduction,” by Lily Yeh, Village Press, 2001

Learning Through Creating, Village-Hartranft Education Pilot Project, The Village Press, 1998

Designer Builder, “A Personal Journey Made Public” by Lily Yeh, December 1998

Connecting Through Walls, a newsletter created by artists and prison inmates, “Introduction” by Lily Yeh, The Village Press, 1995

Children’s Dreams and Lives, Script by Lily Yeh for a full theater production performed twice in Philadelphia, 1992

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