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“The Healing Power of Art” Dig Where You Are, Casper Press

“Digging for Purpose” by Nan Alexander Doyal, Dig Where You Are, Casper Press

A Vision for Equitable Community Development, By Jared Green, The American Society of Landscape Architects

Artist Lily Yeh Transforms Communities Around the World, The Healing Power of Art & Artists, by Mary Lou Dauray

Au cœur de la misère, la beauté, Silk and Souls, by Manon Lemoine

Art, Beauty and HealingThe Gentle Art of Blessing

Art World 279, “Walking Into Darkness To Create The Dustless World,” Interview of Lily Yeh by HsiuChih Lo, Shanghai, China, October 2013

Los Angeles Times, “‘The Barefoot Artist’ poignant look at transformative artist Lily Yeh,” Michael Rechtshaffen, December 18, 2014

6th World Summit on Arts & Culture in Santiago De Chile, The Rwanda Healing Project as case study in the Discussion Paper, p. 84 – 85, January 2014, Interview with Lily Yeh by Isabel Dunkerley, January 10, 2014

“The Barefoot Angel” (the angel with no shoes), Zhu-Shu Jian (簡竹書), Weekly Magazine,Taiwan, 2012

Public Art Review, Spirituality and Religion issue, “Art as Spiritual Practice,” Arlene Goldbard, Spring/Summer 2011

YES! Magazine, “Lily Yeh: Beauty in Broken Places,” Natalie Pompilio, December 2011

Ode Magazine, “Ode to Lily Yeh,” Andrea K. Hammer, October/November 2011

Women Environmental Artists Directory, “Delivering the Vision,” David Kupfer, October 2011

Ithaca Times, “Transformative Art of Lily Yeh,” Bill Chaisson, October 2011

Cornell Chronicle Online, “Art has the power to mend broken communities, says renowned artist,” Paul Bennetch, October 2011

Corrie R. Colvin Williams, a review of Lily Yeh’s Awakening Creativity, Dandelion School Blossoms, The Children, Youth and Environments Journal, University of Colorado, Fall (2011)

Josiane Lai (賴麗惠), “The Rainmaker Magician, Lily Yeh’s Social Sculpture & Action Art,” Artist Magazine, Taiwan, October (2011)

Stephan Salisbury, “Raising a Village,” The Philadelphia Inquirer, June 2 (2011)

Yun Pu Chen (陳運璞), “Lily Yeh Painting Hope for the Poor,” San Francisco World Journal (世界日報), November 7 (2011)

Jay Walljasper, “All That We Share, a field guide to the commons,The New Press (2010)

William Murthe, 100 Words: Two Hundred Visionaries Share Their Hope for the Future (2010)

“Lily Yeh, Rwanda Healing Project, at Bioneers,” Saya Anak Gangsa Malaysia, one people one nation (2009)

Terry Tempest Williams, Finding Beauty in a Broken World, Pantheon (2008)

Terry Tempest Williams, “Healing Rwanda, Twibuke: beauty and healing amid the shards of Rwanda,” Orion Magazine, September/October  (2008)

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Julie Checkoway, “Community hopes art will renew blighted neighborhood.” The Salt Lake Tribune, March (2008)

Jennifer Moroz, “How do you find the will to live?” A Rwandan community devastated by genocide gets a boost from a Phila. Art and development project. The Philadelphia Inquirer, December 29 (2007)

Jocelyn E. Zanzot, “From starlight to pixels; the luminous world of artist Lily Yeh,” South African Journal of Art History (SAJAH, ISSN 0258-3542, volume 22, number 3 (2007)

Harry Wiland & Dale Bell, Edens, Lost & Found, How Ordinary Citizens are Restoring Our Great American Cities, Chelsea Green (2006)

Carol Pobanz, “The Rwanda Healing Project,” World & I, Innovative Approaches to Peace, Jan. – Feb. (2006)

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Hu Pei, “Wen Ro di Li Lian (The Power of Tenderness),” Art Weekly, China Cultural Newspaper (2004)

Warrior Angel: The Work of Lily Yeh – A paper by Bill Moskin and Jill Jackson on Lily Yeh’s methods of using art to transform and build community (2004)

Shin, “Fei Shu Shan Shen Zhen di Tong Fan Jei Xui (Eastern Philosophy Growing from Trash Piles),” VIP SINA Magazine, Beijing (2004)

Rosina S. Miller, “Unhaunting the Village: Critical Regionalism and ‘Luminous Place’ at the Village of Arts and Humanities,” Journal of American Folklore 117(466):446-454 (2004)

Cristy West, “Lily Yeh, Filling the Niches of North Philadelphia with Creativity and Hope,” Orion Magazine (2003)

Sharon Abercrombie, “Inner City, Inner Light,” Earth Light, Issue 49 (2003)

Barbara Dunn, “Sowing Seeds of Hope in Philadelphia Gardens,” Pennsylvania Magazine, November/December (2003)

Liu Lin, “Yeh Lei Lei huo ‘gai bian shi jie di lin hsiu jian’ (Lily Yeh winning ‘Leadership in a Chinaging World Award’),” Shi Jie Ri bao (World Journal), October 13 (2003)

Lui Lin, “Lily Yeh’s Village receives Governor’s Award in environmental Excellence,” (translated title), Shi Jie Ri Bao (World Journal), September 18 (2003)

Al and Tipper Gore, “Community,” Joined At the Heart, the Transformation of the American Family (2002)

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Gloria Blakely, “One Million Dollars Available in Grants from Philadelphia Commerce Department,” Philadelphia Sunday Sun, November 25 (2001)

“76 Smartest Philadelphians,” Philadelphia Magazine, November (2011)

Stephan Salisbury “Art of Survival,” The Philadelphia Inquirer, September 12 (2011)

Lise Funderburg, “The F Word: Lily Yeh,” The Oprah Magazine, September (2011)

Susan Hagen, “Solitary Assignment,” Philadelphia City Paper, September 6 (2011)

Debra Auspitz, “Expanding Isolation,” Philadelphia City Paper, September 6 (2011)

Scott Edwards, “A Chance To Be Heard,” Bucks, Mercer, and Beyond: Happenings, InterCounty Newspaper August 16 (2011)

Alex Krieger, “Community Builders,” Architecture, June (2011)

“Arresting Art,” Philadelphia Weekly, May 30 (2011)

Stephan Salisbury, “Troupe Movements,” The Philadelphia Inquirer, April 24 (2011)

“What happened to Ö?” Reader’s Digest, February (2011)

Burt E. Schuman, “Arts Can Be Religious,” Altoona Mirror, January 14 (2011)

Liu Lin, “Double Happiness coming to Lily Yeh’s Village, winning honor and a $30,000 grant,” (translated title), Shi Jie Ri Bao (World Journal), June 6 (2011)

Yang Xien Ren, “Lily Yeh’s art reaching new climax,” (translated title), Mei Nan Zou Kan (Southern America Weekly), Houston, June 24 (2011)

Photographs by Reagan Louie, interviews by Barry Dornfeld, “Reimagining The City,” Local Heroes Changing America, the publication of Indivisible Project, a project of the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University in partnership with the Center for Creative Photography, The University of Arizona. Funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts. (2000)

Phil Leggiere, “Lily Yeh’s Art of Transformation,” The Pennsylvania Gazette, July/August (2000)

Edited by Marie Cieri and Claire Peeps, “Lily Yeh,” Activists Speaking Out, Reflections on the Pursuit of Change in America (2000)

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Andrea Zemel, “Fine Arts 349, Community, Collaborative, and Public Art,“ Art Journal (1999)

Chai Mei-Ching, “Li Siang Kuo (The Ideal World),” Yi Shu Shi Jie (Art World magazine), Beijing, China (1999)

Eils Lotozo, “It Takes a Village, Artist and documentarian Lily Yeh brings a cross-cultural portrait of Kenya to life in An Angel in the Village,” Philadelphia City Paper, May 13 (1999)

Jonathan Storm, “Breaking new ground with a Phila. Story, Channel 35’s first national PBS program tells of community artist Lily Yeh,” The Philadelphia Inquirer, May 12 (1999)

Tang Jia Li, “Lily Yeh awarded Honorary Doctor Degree by (Massachusetts) Art College,” Boston News, World Journal, May 27 (1999)

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Elizabeth Murray, “Replenishing Soil and Souls,” Unity Magazine, September (1998)

Peter Michelmore, “Lily Yeh’s Magic Village,” Readers Digest, April (1998)

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Liu Lin, “Yeh Lei Lei di Wu Chen Shi Jie (The Dustless World of Lily Yeh),” Shi Jie Zhou Kan (Weekly Magazine of World Journal), July 19 (1998)

The Boston Globe, Dialogues, “Pursuing the art of inclusion for the public good,” The Boston Sunday Globe, December 20 (1998)

James Maxton, “Powerful Dreams,” Subject, news from the Greater Philadelpihia Cultural Alliance (1998)

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di Enrico Costa, “’Miracolo’ al Villaggio,” America Oggi (1995)

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Dan Geringer, “Small Angel Creates Miracles with Art,” The Philadelphia Daily News, July 25 (1994)

Dan Geringer, “Jo Jo returns to N. Phila. Village park,” The Philadelphia Daily News, December 19 (1994)

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“Play about North Philadelphia has final performance July 2, Children’s Dreams and Lives,” The Philadelphia Tribune, June 29 (1993)

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“Artist Lily Yeh to Discuss Neighborhood Arts Village,” Lincoln Journal-Star, Lincoln, Nebraska, June 28 (1992)

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