Ile Ife Park mural, The Village of Arts and Humanities

It means the world to me to have been able to return to the Village to help recreate this mural, which was originally painted twenty-five years ago. Creating this mural in 1990 made me realize the power of art in transforming environment, community, and people. I am deeply grateful that the Village continues to be a place of great inspiration and creative action.

Many thanks to Jane Golden and her dedicated team at the Mural Arts Program, especially artists Felix St. Ford, Jr. and his assistant Gabe Tiberino; and to Aviva Kapust and the Village, for their help in realizing this project.

(Left) Gabe Tiberino, Lily Yeh, Aviva Kapust, & Felix St. Fort, Jr.   (Right) working with Felix | photos by Aviva Kapust

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