Mr. Wu has dedicated his life for two decades to the development of the unique local gyro culture. And more importantly, Mr. Wu is a passionate educator. His creativity has turned the gyro sport into performance art. Under his gentle but firm coaching, Mei Hwa students become confident and self-assured through long hours of individual and teamwork practices. His effort leads to the building of the Gyro Top Museum where the Daxi gyro culture is preserved, celebrated, and continues to evolve.

He hopes that through the learning of the highly disciplined gyro sport, his students become not only fine athletes, but even more, wholesome citizens with confidence and integrity. He hopes that some of his students will catch on his flame of passion about preserving and nurturing this unique local gyro culture. “Who knows,” he commented, “they might be like the dandelions, carried by the wind far and wide, impregnating new fertile soil with this playful and yet demanding sport.”

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