Matera, Italy (1997)

Located in Southern Italy, Matera contains hundreds of ancient caves (sassi) of extraordinary beauty and history. UNESCO has named the city as a world heritage site. Lily Yeh has been fascinated by the city of Matera where the new city was built over the ancient caves.

Invited by the Yellow Beak Children’s Center in Matera, Lily Yeh went to conduct a five day workshop for the youth in the Center. The workshop aimed to demonstrate the power of art in helping children to learn skills in innovative thinking, painting, public presentation, singing, movement, and teamwork.

Many parents and educators attended the workshops. At the end of the workweek, we mounted a mini-festival where children celebrated with songs and dances and their art was displayed in the schoolyard. The mayor of Matera joined us to congratulate the children on their achievements.


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