Dzegvi, Republic of Georgia (1999)

In 1999, collaborating with Glenn Holsten, documentary filmmaker, and Daniel Traub, photographer, Lily Yeh visited Dzegvi, Republic of Georgia (former Soviet Union). Dzegvi, a village about thirty minutes from Tbilisi, consisted of some families and one hundred and ten children under the care of Mother Mariam.

The Barefoot Artists team conducted workshops in drawing, painting, and photography. An exhibition of fifteen big, life size banners (7′ x 3.8′ to 11′ x 3.8′) of individual figures and group figures were exhibited at Dzegvi. The process was documented in photo and film.

Hundreds of photos were taken by children and adults of individuals and family groups. After being presented at Dzegvi, the photos were given to the children and families to keep. The project concluded with a twelve minute film describing the determination, compassion and togetherness of the Dzegvi community to its members through the eyes of one induvidual family.


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