German Wilson Commemoration Workshop

Commemorating German Wilson, our beloved late theater director at the Village of Arts and Humanities

German’s passion for theater has brought creativity, light and joy to the Village for over a decade. His deep caring has nurtured the Village community, children, parents, staff, and volunteers. His professional excellence instilled discipline into the youth in his Teen Theater and inspired them to excel and accomplish.

German’s former associates came together at the Village on Saturday, Feb. 1 to remember and celebrate his legacy through reflection and art making. The workshop was conducted by Lily Yeh, co-founder of the Village, who will design a mural to memorialize German. The feelings and images emerged from the workshop will guide her process.

German Wilson at The Village’s Guardian Angel Park
Teens in German’s theater program in front of Ile Ife Guardian Mural,2001
Workshop participants in 2020

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