Through creating beauty, Barefoot Artists aims to
Reconnect the broken.
Heal the wounded, and
Make the invisible visible
in broken communities in our nation and the world.

Your contribution will benefit the following programs:

Urban Alchemy, land and neighborhood transformation through art in North Philadelphia and in Harambee / River West neighborhoods in Milwaukee

School Transformation
, Mei Hua Elementary School in Da Xi, Taiwan, is on the verge of disappearing due to its remote location and poor performances. We are implementing a year round comprehensive Awakening Creativity Program to empower the school community and to make it visible and influential.

Revitalization of Chong An, an enfeebled and declining indigenous village in the remote eastern coast of Taiwan. Through the process, we aim to preserve and promote its indigenous Ah Mei culture and art.

Art, Justice, and Peace Program in Palestine in Nablus, Balata Refugee Camp, and Aqaba village

Please consider supporting our community by making a tax-deductible donation to Barefoot Artists through PayPal:

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