Ile Ife Mural’s 30th Anniversary

Cheers to nostalgia!

The Village of Arts and Humanities (The Village) has been building community-art relations in Philadelphia, PA for over 30 years! The Village is a multifaceted arts organization dedicated to community building through the arts.

In 1986 Lily Yeh began the design and painted a three-story mural “Ile Ife Guardian Mural” with a mythic owl beaming rainbow colored light and life to plants, fish, and animals under its gigantic wings.

The Village today, continues to be a vibrant force of creativity and a deep sense of rootedness.

More information about The Village can be found here.

Barefoot Artists

Ile Ife Park site at 10th St & Germantown Ave in 1986

Barefoot Artists

The Village today, continues to be a presence of creativity and jubilance

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