Skibbereen Arts Festival 2017 in Ireland

The Barefoot Artist film is screening at the Skibbereen Arts Festival 2017!

Skibbereen Arts Festival
Town Hall
August 1, 2017
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Art is everywhere in West Cork, Ireland in the scenery, in the people and in the atmosphere.

During the Skibbereen Arts Festival Wests Cork becomes one big art gallery with a world-class programme of music, film, theatre, exhibitions, poetry, installations, workshops, walks, talks and a spectacular 1970s street disco. This year it celebrates the arts as a positive force in areas of conflict around the world and in the field of mental health. We also focus on national and local history and of course ‘disco’!

Maryland Institute College of Art Visit

“It was a privilege for me to hear their voices and feel their inspiration.” -Lily Yeh

(March 7, 2017) Lily Yeh’s visit first and second year students at the graduate program of Community Arts at MICA. The students are mature, committed, smart, and creative! They will walk into society as torches of light fueled by the knowledge, disciplines and purpose from the faculty and classmates of their department and mission of MICA, Maryland Institute College of Art. 


Coming April 2017

Mei Hwa Transformation Project Phase III

Barefoot Artist

Mei Hwa Transformation Project 2016

In Daxi, Taiwan the Mei Hwa Elementary School will be entering phase III of the Mei Hwa Transformation Project this April.  Learn more about the project here.

Community Design

In Gao Hsung, Taiwan the Barefoot Artist organization will be working with Zi Zhu Ling Shi and communities on art and mural design.



The Barefoot Artist

Who owns culture? Who needs culture? How can we answer these questions and avoid the stratifying, hierarchical categories of providers and recipients? Following up on conversations hosted by the British Council’s “Culture and Conflict Summit” in September 2014 and Association of Performing Arts Presenters’ forum “What is the Role of the Arts Presenter in a Community in Crisis?” earlier this year, we will convene on June 17 to grapple with these issues, particularly on the level of U.S. cities. Drawing upon the Festival’s and Yale School of Music’s relationships to New Haven residents, our day-long symposium, “Listen. Engage. Act,” will focus on the power of community-driven artistic initiatives to mitigate conflict in urban centers. Through presentations and discussions, we will consider—and ideally begin to practice—how artists, arts providers, politicians, and city residents can listen to and engage one another, and then act in concert for mutual benefit.

Lily Yeh will be participating in the Engage the City panel from 2:00-3:30 pm on June 17.

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