The 40th Annual International Association for Experiential Education Conference had seven hundred attendees from twenty-four countries around the world. Lily Yeh was invited to conduct an Awakening Creativity workshop.


Lily Yeh poses with the AEE delegation from China.


About fifty people attended Lily Yeh’s Awakening Creativity workshop.


Lily Yeh talks to a group of her workshop attendees.


Lily Yeh felt like she needed to make some noise to energize the space and keep it alive so she picked up an empty cardboard box and banged it with a marker.


As people asked questions about the creations, Lily Yeh asked the presenters to give physical feedback when the audience was on the right track.


Here’s an image of one group’s performance to express their art pice.


When the audience reacted, the presenting group responded.


The positive responses encourage audience participation.


At the end of the workshop we got better and better, they have to make energy. We made a bridge with our hands for one group to enter. Another group came in and took people’s hands to form a big circle together.


The group was engaged for an hour with pairing, performance, presentation and sound.

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